Hello Jon

Designer & storyteller

The Neon Sign Movie

The story of John, a master of his craft.
Direction,  filming, music & editing.

Identity & wordmarks

Casumo Design

My little photo tumblr project I started 4 years ago in between design jobs has now turned into a tool for recruiting creatives from all over the globe, a visual diary for internal use and also a window to the design world at Casumo.
Photography. Art Direction. Curation



A selection of type done for various projects through the years

Casumo Merch

Casumo asked me to design a tee for 30 casumos a couple of years ago. I said, sure, ok. Fast forward three plus years and now we have a successful merch line that people actually wear (out in the street!) and that we give away internally as well as to partners and players.
Design. Photography. 

Hello Jon 2018